Предложение для групп

Группы могут получить специальное меню по более выгодным условиям.

Меню для ознакомления:



Menu no.1

Beef soup with meat, vegetable and noodles

Old Bohemian beef goulash with vegetable, cheese and bacon dumplings

Pancake with forest fruit, whipped cream

Menu no.2

Chicken bouillon with mushrooms and lime juice

Roast pork carré lard with white cabbage, bacon and fried potatoes

Cream caramel with fruits

Menu no.3

Mixed vegetable salad with croutons and garlic dressing

Fried chicken and pork schnitzel, fried potatoes with onion

Apple strudel with nuts and whipped cream

Menu no.4

Vegetable cream soup with croutons

Grilled trout with herb butter, lemon and boiled potatoes with fresh chive

Vanilla ice creame with melon and chocolate glaze

Menu no.5

Game pâté with cranberries and lemon, bread

Grilled chicken with pepper cream sauce, vegetable rice

Fried apples with egg liqueur

Menu no.6

Tomatoes cream soup with Parmesan cheese

Grilled chicken breast with roasted leek, estragon sauce and rice

Fruit plate


Menu no.1

Beef Consommé with fresh vegetable and noodles

Old Bohemian platter (roast and smoked pork, roasted duck, grilled sausage) with red and white cabbage, bacon and potato dumpling, mushroom sauce

Apple strudel with nuts and whipped cream


Menu no.2

Chicken cream soup with spinach and carrot

Grilled trout filet in almonds with potatoes

Sacher cake


Menu no.3

Variation of Czech nature cheese with grape and kiwi

1/2 roast duck with red and white cabbage, bacon, potato and bread dumplings

Punch cake


Menu no.4

Vegetable salad, spicy dressing

Grilled pork (knee), bread or potatoes

Bohemian Old style cake

Menu no.5

Cream soup with salmon and shrimps

Mix grill (grilled pork, beef and chicken) with carrots and fried potatoes

Fruit sorbet


Menu no.6

Ham variation with Roquefort foam, bread

Grilled salmon filet with dill sauce and vegetable



Menu no.7

Chicken salad with mango and toast

Grilled sirloin with vegetable cream sauce, dumpling and cranberries

Fresh strawberry with whipped cream



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